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HIFI AI | 2022.08.29

2022/09/21곽현민Paper Review : Unsupervised Domain Adaptation by Back-propagation
2022/08/24오재훈Model-Free Reinforcement Learning for Financial Portfolios(View)
2022/08/10김찬영Unity3D Barracuda(View)
2022/08/03문해준HRNet 논문 리뷰 및 Pose Estimation 설명(View)
2022/07/27정세희How to turn your idea into reality : On-device AI with Kotlin(View)
2022/07/20이용학[Review] Optimized Adversarial Example with Classification Score Pattern Vulnerability Removed(View)
2022/07/13김용래LiDAR Point Cloud 데이터를 활용하는 Face Anti-Spoofing 연구(View)
2022/07/06곽현민Initialization and Optimization of Deep Learning
2022/06/29곽현민Convolutional Neural Networks and ResNet(View)
2022/05/25정세희Rethinking on kinetic/kinematic features for action recognition
2022/05/18김용래Deep Learning for Face Anti-Spoofing: A Survey 논문 리뷰 및 Face Liveness
2022/05/12김성근Automatic Size Measurement of Garments Using Vision Deep Learning Models and Point-Cloud Data
2022/05/04이용학Integrated Analytic Methodology Using Visual Image and Meta-Data for Product Recommendation
2022/04/13곽현민End-to-End Semi-Supervised Object Detection with Soft Teacher
2022/02/18곽현민내 머리에 Object detection 인스톨하기
2022/01/28김용래Liveness 얼굴 인식을 위한 Autoencoder 기반 Anomaly Detection 모델
2021/12/24곽현민Robustnet Paper 리뷰
2021/12/17고경민FixBi: Bridging Domain Spaces for Unsupervised Domain Adaption
2021.12/10김용래Liveness 얼굴 인식 모델 연구
2021/11/26김성근Accurate Multivariate Stock Movement Prediction via Data-Axis Transformer with Multi-Level Contexts 리뷰
2020/12/01Piao LingnanGenetic Algorithm in Stock Market
2020/11/24이용학Object Detection in the Context of Mobile Augmented Reality
2020/11/18서성민Face Liveness Detection
2020/11/03고경민3D Point Cloud for Semantic Segmentation
2020/10/27민진홍Action Recognition
2020/10/20정성준Instance Segmentation Performance Improvement by Dental Data Generation Using Generative Adversarial Network
2020/10/13양성민Unity for Augmented Reality
2020/09/29이용학Memory Enhanced Global-Local Aggregation for Video Object Detection
2020/09/15Piao LingnanBull Flag Pattern
2020/09/08이용학Super-Resolution Based On Deep Learning
2020/09/01서성민Weighted Mask R-CNN for Improving Adjacent Boundary Segmentation
2020/08/24고경민CNN Attention for Recognition
2020/08/18김성환Introduction to AI LAB